SF Weekly Blogs – The Peninsula’s Best Falafel Might Be In … Redwood Shores?

Posted By Trevor Felch @TrevorFelch on Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 2:15 PM
It’s no trivial thing to spot Falafel Tazah, the tiniest of the all identical-looking storefronts with the same generic orange lettering in its Redwood Shores mini-mall. You’re deep in the heart of yacht clubs, tech campuses, and quiet residential streets here, close to 101 but far from any real “downtown” (San Carlos would be considered closest). But this shoebox-sized space is now home to the Peninsula’s premier falafel — and I’d even dare to say it would be the leading falafel in San Francisco if Falafel Tazah were located in the city….

SF Weekly Blogs – Peninsula Dining Update

Redwood Shores
Redwood Shores has a new destination for falafel and schwarma. Falafel Tazah is open, courtesy of the former owner of the Redwood City restaurant Tarboosh. Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice the two prominent vertical rotisseries slowly spinning to keep the chicken and lamb-beef (a mix of lamb and beef, so it’s not too gamey) tender, crowned by a tomato on top. The menu at Tazah is straightforward, divided between rice plates and wraps, and a choice of chicken, falafel, and lamb-beef. Nothing climbs over $10 unless you turn your wrap into a generous plate meal complete with hummus, baba ghanouj, cucumber salad, and pita bread. For light eaters, there’s a simple Mediterranean salad available and an abundance of sides, including dolmas and labaneh (Kefir cheese with olive oil). 256 Redwood Shores Pkwy., Redwood Shores; (650) 622-9983.